Luca Serventi

Luca Serventi

About him:

Dr Luca Serventi is a lecturer of food innovation and course coordinator for the Bachelor of Food Science at Lincoln University (NZ). He teaches food innovation (Bachelor and Master courses) and principles of malting and brewing (Bachelor). He earned a PhD in Food Science and Technology from The Ohio State University (USA) in 2011, then experienced a postdoc on sensory analysis of enzyme-treated bread (Aarhus University, DK) and R&D of gluten-free bakery products in Italy and USA. Currently, he is supervising individual projects (research essays and placements) of Bachelor, Diploma and Master students and co-supervising the research projects of Master and PhD students. His research interests focus on the development of sustainable grain-based ingredients and functional foods. The main area of research is characterising and applying legume wastewater into functional ingredients to provide emulsifying, foaming and gelling abilities at low cost while delivering nutritional enhancement of food.

About his talk:

“Clean Label Ingredients from Legume By-Products”

This presentation is for those interested in texture, nutrition, sustainability and simple processing. Functional properties of legume by-products, both solid (dried okara) and liquid (soaking and cooking water) will be presented. Applications as emulsifiers, foaming, gelling agents and sources of micronutrients will be proposed.